So, since the Straight Talk with Red Hawk ~STWRH~ Show, is about my issues and your issues, her issues and his issues, I figure I’ll be the first to present.  My issue today is the fact that although I’ve been doing my do, for a number of years now, still seems like, I’m not getting anywhere.   Well, I can’t really say that I’m not getting anywhere, I guess I should say, I’m not getting there as fast as I would like, yep, that sounds better. Cause technically, I’ve gotten quite far, if you look at the fact that I left my nice, cushy job, as a receptionist, over 10 years ago, to come home and finish raising my four children, who are now, 27, 25, 18 and soon to be 16 in March. I’d say that that’s quite a feat and should be applauded, since I did it on my own, and with a limited about of finances, which parents don’t get paid monetarily, but you know what I’m saying, I hope.  Anywho, so now that the children are getting on up in age, and as far as society is concerned, I’ve raised them, I’m looking to set my sights on accomplishing my second reason for leaving my job, all those years ago, and that was to pursue, my creative endeavors.  And yes, I’ve done a bit of that too, but not on the grand scale that I thought I’d be at, by now.  To date, I have five books under my belt, my “sleeping” talk show, and my spiritual work, that I became awakened to, three years ago.  A lot of people would probably say that I’m well accomplished, just from reading this, but contrary to my success on doing things, nothing says success, more than financial success.  With all of my accomplishments, that is the missing piece to my puzzle, which is my MAIN issue. By now, based on my doings, my bank account should not be in the negative, but it is. I’ve done the building, as they say, “build it and they will come,” and now I’m waiting on the coming of the people, you know, the ones that show their support in the form of monetary value.  The ones who see my dream, who feel my passion, who know that my purpose is good.  Then and only then, will I no longer have this issue, the one that has constantly plagued my household, the one of lack.  And trust me when I tell you, God HAS provided, EVERY step of the way, but I’d love to be able to show my children, the ones that I gave everything up for, that it really was worth it, as they have been the ones who feel they’ve suffered the most, cause “mommi gave up her good money, to stay at home with us, how stupid”.  They’ve witnessed me start this, start that, listened to empty promise, after empty promise, coming from me, cause I just KNEW that this was it, this was the big thing that would bring in the income that was sacrificed and more.  My faith, my hopes, my dreams, are mines alone, and I’d love to be able to say, “see, I told ya’ll, it was just a matter of time”.  And for anyone out there, who doesn’t have children yet, please find your passion and your purpose first, then your mates, then your children, so that you can be free to fulfill your destiny without having anyone who might not want to go on YOUR journey, along with you.  Just a word of advice, which is my business, to share wisdom that I have gained on THIS journey.  Until next time, LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.