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so this is facebook, the land of challenges, where people readily sometimes make fools of themselves, for the sake of completing A challenge. well i, Red Hawk, challenge each person reading this, to reach DEEP in your pockets and pull out $5.00 dollars (my co-host came up with this price) to help support the efforts of me, Trisha Martin, a.k.a. Red Hawk. where will your dollars be spent??? let me run it down for you:

1. getting my vehicle back up and running, mainly, so that my 76 year old arthritic mother, can ride in “comfort” again, without braving this bitter winter season. ~if she has to walk, WE will~
2. getting the two windows that are broken out of our home fixed, the leaking roof, the kitchen sink that won’t work, basically house repairs that have gone undone, simply because we can’t afford to get them done.
3. winter attire for the whole family. without adequate cash flow, we’ve had to layer up, and make it do what it does, most times, we just stay put.
4. medical insurance for the WHOLE house. obamacare has missed us twice, but thankfully, we’re pretty healthy. but on the occasion that we’ve had to get medical attention, the boys, not me, i just added it to my debt.
5. will help finance the talk show, i.e. new computer, webcam, anything else needed to do what it is that i do, and that’s make a difference in people’s lives, by way of my talk show, STRAIGHT TALK WITH RED HAWK.

sidenote: send donations to: redhawk1967@hotmail.com viawww.paypal.com

~those are the main things that your $5.00 dollars will be used for~