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Who am I to think that I have the right to ask for help, when I need it?  This is the question that was on my mind, when I woke up to a shinning sun.  After thanking God for His grace in seeing fit, that I make it into another day, I started to ponder the question in my mind, and this is the conclusion that I have come to.  I have the right to ask for help, financial help, simply because I am no better than the beggar on the street, who has the nerve to ask for help from complete strangers.  There once was a time, when my pride would not let me open my mouth, in this case, type my need to anyone.  I would quietly go before the Lord and petition Him for my needs, but that was before I became a person of service.  Once I became a giver of myself, through my time and energy, and gifts, as a spiritual worker, I felt like I had the right to ask.  Countless people, have taken advantage of my, “make you feel better,” presence, as I encouraged them through my writings, made them smile, or have a hardy laugh, through something I said on one of my videos, or just plan inspired or motivated them to go on. And I’m not saying that they OWE me anything, as much as I’m saying, that in my time of need, to ask from people that I know I have helped in the past, present and probably in the future, should not be something to be questioned.  I wrote the poem below, over 20 plus years ago, when I was taking public transportation, and someone asked me for some change.  I didn’t know this person from Adam, nor Eve, but I felt compelled to give, why, because they had asked.  In my opinion, being a beggar and being turned down, has got to be one of the most degrading things, to the human spirit, especially when you have a genuine need.  Most beggars on the streets, the ones who you can tell, haven’t much left by way of pride, have a drive that won’t allow them to give up. They are trying to survive and for all the “nos,” one “yes” could mean the difference between if they eat or not, that particular day.  I’m not that beggar on the street, but knowing my financial situation, and my need for assistance at THIS time, has given me the drive that I need, simply because I know that this situation is temporary, as it has always been, from time to time.  There will come a day, when I will be the giver again, from the abundance that I know is included within my destiny, but until then, and only until then, I will continue to ask, when I am in need.


Beggar, beggar on the street

who knows, who you could be

maybe you’re the man, who once had fortune and fame

but now you can’t even remember, your very own name

Beggar, beggar in the rain

who knows, how much suffering and pain

you have endured in your life on the street,

praying for a kind heart to meet

Beggar, beggar, what happened to you

you once wore the finest, dresses and shoes

passing by, turning everyone’s head

but now they look at you, with pity and dread

Beggar, beggar, how did you fall

from once having everything, to nothing at all

how did you let it all slip down the drain

sleeping in the snow of winter, and in the spring rain

Beggar, beggar, here’s my last dime

who’s to know, what’s brought on by time

I, myself, could be in your shoes

begging or stealing, for a piece of food

Beggar, beggar, it is your task

to spend this dime that you have asked

in the way in which you said

for in the Good Book, I have read

not to worry about what comes of my deed

for many will ask, out of pure greed

just as long as I do my part and give sincerely, from my heart.

~page 69 of, My Naked Mind, An Intimate Collection of Poetry~