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So me and mommi were on our daily walk yesterday, and we’re discussing how insensitive and non-caring people seem to be, and let me keep it real, not, seem to be, but ARE.  I’m like, I can’t believe not more than one person, saw fit, to donate to my cause…it’s enough to make you go insane, when all you’ve asked for was $5.00.  It’s the principle of the matter, that no one thought enough of me, to plant a $5.00 seed into my need. And mind you, it’s merely conversation at this point, because at the end of the day, I know that my needs will be met, as they have always been met, somehow, someway. But anyway, we’re on our way to the convenience store, which by the way is not so convenient, when you’re going for a specific reason, or item, and it’s not available, but anyway, as we’re checking out, mommi first, and she’s $1.65 short on her bill, so she turns to me, and well, I don’t have any cash, and just had enough for my purchases on my card, so this man, a man, neither of us knew, says to the clerk, “I got the rest”.  Mommi turns around and thanks him, and the clerk says, “he’s a very nice man,” in his Arabian voice.  Mind you, the man who helped, did not speak clear English, sounded like he had an African accent, which explains why he might have felt compelled to cover the rest, and no matter how small it was, the gesture alone, rang loud and clear.  I turned to the man, and thanked him also, and more importantly, told him that I would mention him in my blog, as he had just proved to me that there ARE people who still care about each other, that there are people who share from their finances, even to those they don’t even know.  It’s been a while since I’ve been able to give financially, but when I was able, I would never hesitate to help, if someone who came across my path needed it.  It brought me such joy to be able to see the smile AND surprise on their faces, brought on by a total stranger.  Felt great to give, not expecting anything in return, as I never saw most of them again.  I know that it’s a rarity to find people such as myself, and if they are around, they choose to give to other causes, which is fine, as long as they give. But it seems that the majority of humans have become heart-hardened, to the point that they can’t act upon the need of others, based on what they might feel about them.  But when you think about it, a need is a need, and if you don’t feel compelled to give, even a small portion of help, what does that really say about you?  At any rate, the walk home, was even better than on the way. The sun was beaming, and my heart was feeling all warm and fuzzy, simply from the revelation that there are STILL strangers who have compassion, and that compassion was shared on someone I love.  Until next time, LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.