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may the light be with youTransparency, a gift and a curse.  While some can appreciate the utter, unbridled realness of me, others find it repulsive, and I can TOTALLY understand that.  In the world of political correctness, people trying to please everyone, even if it means, putting on an act, I’m happy to be me, flawed and all.  The thing most people don’t understand is, once upon a time, I had no voice, so to speak.  I kept things bottled up, took the bullying, the ridicule, the put downs, all the things that had my esteem, lower than low. But one day, wouldn’t be able to recall it, after all, I’m 47 and certainly that was many moons ago, but one day, I found my voice, and went from no speaking, to over-speaking, and once I got started, there was no way for me to shut up, until I was good and ready.  But one thing that also was for certain, the words that I spoke were real, they were true, they made sense, yet they stung, but so does that needle at the doctor’s office, that gives you what you need to be well.  My transparency is a bit confusing for some, who miss the message, due to my flaws, as a human being.  One of my flaws is, I must have been a sailor in another life.  I so try not to show that side of me, in public, but hey, as they say, what’s on the inside, gonna eventually find its way to the outside, so I apologize in advance, if that offends you.  How can she cuss and use the name of God or Jesus in the same breath???  Oopsie, my bad, and trust, I’ve prayed about it, ever since I first received Jesus on my own, back in 1986, as I carried my first child, in my womb.  But getting back to my transparency, it’s a gift and a curse, as I stated above.  While some embrace my realness, my rareness, my rawness, others, turn their noses up in disgust and wouldn’t give me the time of day, even if I was handing out the exact day and time, the Savior was arriving.  At any rate, for the ones who embrace me, thank you for accepting me for who I am, who I’ve become, and one thing I can’t apologize for, is the fact that I’d rather let you see all of me, my good, bad and ugly, than hide things, and later be exposed.  I am WHO I am, I am WHAT I am, and I am WHY I am, and until next time, LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.