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So the first, Morning Talk with the Red Hawk Show, has been aired and recorded.  I think it was a success.  Success or not, it happened, yippy!!!  One down, 352 more to go.  I was on fire, super hyped, cause I was home!!!  Not only was the show done by phone, which, helloooooo, I’m a phone person, I was also able to receive calls, and my co-host of my evening show, called in to show his support.  Support is SOOOOO important.  Anywho, the show went lovely, and FAST.  Thirty minutes of “Hawkie Talk” can be like a roller coaster ride, and before you know it, it was over, and I think I handled it pretty well. At any rate, for those of you who want to take a listen, please click the link below and enjoy the show.  Make sure you register on the site, so you can join me by phone or in the chat room, on future shows.  Until next time…LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.