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Well, the second show of, MORNING TALK WITH THE RED HAWK, in my opinion, went waaaaayyyy smoother than yesterday’s.  Not only did I have my topic already picked for me, it was an “on time” topic, that I felt everyone needed to hear, in this day and time. The topic was, PRAY.  I get my topics from pulling from my Indigo Angel card deck.  The second card, which is in the “present” position, is what I use for my topic, after today, the card in the “future” position, will be the next day’s topic.  Anyway, prayer is something that I strongly advocate, as it is through prayer, that I feel I get my strength, especially when I pray for it.  Consciously, asking for something, and gaining it, to me, is proof that prayer does work.  As I mentioned on the show, prayers don’t have to be long and drawn out, they can be short and sweet. And one thing I need to point out is that, there are certain parts to prayers, that should be used, if you want to feel like it’s effective.  When you go to God, I feel that you should first thank Him, for what whatever you already have, then you repent, if you feel there is a need to, then you request/petition Him for your needs, then lastly, you thank Him again, for fulfilling that need, thus showing proof that you have faith that He’s gonna honor and answer your prayer.  That is the order in which I pray, and it doesn’t hurt to include prayers for others, while you are at it.  Prayer does change things, I’m a witness to that.  And as I mentioned in the show, sometimes the things that we are praying for, are not His will for our lives, and we have to wait for certain things.  But our daily needs, I feel, are taken care of first and foremost, by our caring Creator.  Well, this was just a short post to add to the blog, so I’d stay on my daily schedule, but please click on the link below, to hear the show in its entirety.  Until next time…LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.