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So, today’s topic for the, MORNING TALK WITH THE RED HAWK SHOW, was LOVE YOURSELF.  What the world, needs now, is love, sweet love…yes, loving one’s self, could make a world of difference.  People who generally feel good about themselves, in my opinion, pass that feeling onto others.  It’s like, waking up, feeling really good, and going out into the world, and sharing that feeling with others.  A smile, humming on the elevator, spring in your step, all are signs that you’re having a pretty great day.  Man, just typing that last sentence, made me feel great.  I used to do that, when I was still out in the world, unlike now, when I only escape my safe haven for errands. Running into me, when i was working my 9-5, on my “good” days, was like a lil slice of heaven, being handed to you on a platter.  I can still see myself, getting on the elevator, with my big, old, koolaid smile, humming a song, after walking through the lobby with a spring in my step.  I kinda miss those days, hahahahahaha, just kidding, I love being at home, I love my freedom, I love THIS lifestyle, no matter how slow it is.  The feeling of not being on someone else’s clock is so liberating, I can barely put it into words, even me, the wordsmith.  Anyway, I think I’ve gotten off topic…what’s new???  Back to loving yourself, that was the topic of today.  On the show, I give tips on how to start loving yourself, just in case you’ve forgotten, or perhaps, maybe never knew how, you know there are some people who don’t know self-love? Well, I’ll let you have a listen, make sure you tell me what you think.  Until next time…LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.