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OMG, it’s been five whole days, since I last posted!!!  Bad me!!!  Okay, now that I’ve scolded myself, let’s get back to blogging.  So, I’ve not taken the time to pen a new post, but that doesn’t mean, I’ve not been doing, absolutely, jack spit.  Of course I’ve been doing my MORNING TALK WITH RED HAWK SHOW, I’m now up to six episodes, make sure you take a listen, when you have time.  I’ve also been networking, which takes up time, within itself. One of the people I’ve been networking with, I met her in a group on facebook, and guess what, we’re in the same city.  What were the chances of that, I mean, really?  Anywho, this individual is trying to make something powerful happen, aren’t we all???  Well, not some of us, some of us, are a part of the problem, instead of trying to come up with solutions, but that’s okay, long as you who are reading this, are in the solution line, that’s all I’m concerned about, right now.  So, this individual, has a cause, yes, a lot of us have causes, but this cause is so great, because not only does it bring awareness to a huge problem, it also brings a solution, that is a healer.  My new friend, Ms. Marshelle Woodland, also known as, Ms. Woody, by her comedic stage name, has taken on bullying!   This video gives you insight into what she had to endure, because of a bullying boss, at work.  By Ms. Woody, also being a comedienne, she has also started a campaign to raise funds and more awareness, for her cause, through her business, http://www.midwestshowmefunnyentertainment.com/Home_Page.html. Please, share this information, as I have, so that we can help heal the world, one cause, one day, one person, at a time.  Until next time…LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.