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2012-12-05 18-30-20.883Soooooo, today started off kinda rocky.  First off, I didn’t wanna get up!!! But, how dare me, not wanna get up, when I was given, yet, another day, TO get up???!!!  So I dragged myself out of bed, and into the bathroom to freshen up, so that I could do my, MORNING TALK WITH THE RED HAWK SHOW, and upon finishing that, I looked at the phone cradle and the “show phone” was missing. OMG, there better be some juice on it, I thought to myself, as I picked it up off the floor, where one of the teens had left it. My hopes were dashed, as I only saw ONE bar left on the poor thing.  They had practically drained it, the night before.  I put it on the charger, and prayed it would last throughout the show, but prepared for, if it didn’t.  I grabbed my celly from up under my pillow, and wow, IT’S DEAD.  But I plug it up, cause it doesn’t take long to charge, at least I could use it for backup, if I needed it.  Looonngggg story, short, I did the show, and the “show phone” lasted the entire time.  The topic for today was, SEND LOVE. What an appropriate topic, they all seem to be, seeing as I get the topics, from my Indigo Angel Cards deck.  Anywho, I guess I’ll let you go, to click on the link, and listen to today’s show.  BTW, there’s some VERY important health information, that I dropped on the show. Check it out!!!  Until next time…LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.